6 Latest Ad Creative Ideas for Your Product for 2023

strategy Mar 15, 2023

When it comes to advertising products, creativity is key to capturing the attention of potential customers. There are several types of ad creative that can be used to showcase products and entice consumers to make a purchase. We've instructed our clients to update their product images for advertising to help "stop the scroll" when it comes to digital advertising. These ideas work well with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest advertising

1. One popular type of ad creative is the use of memes. Memes are humorous images or videos that are shared widely on social media platforms. Incorporating a popular meme into an ad can help a product go viral and gain exposure to a wider audience.

2. Another type of ad creative is the split screen. This technique involves dividing the screen into two or more parts to show multiple images or videos simultaneously. Split screen ads are effective for showing the before-and-after effects of a product or comparing different products side by side.

3. Bold...

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Mindset in the Digital Age

marketing Mar 03, 2023

Marketing has been a critical aspect of business for as long as it has existed. With the advent of digital technology, traditional marketing strategies have evolved to accommodate the ever-changing landscape. In this digital age, having a traditional marketing mindset can be a significant advantage, especially when it comes to connecting with customers. We love digital over here but we also have a firm foundation of marketing.  After all, digital is only an aspect. Marketing is marketing.

In this article, we explore the value of a traditional marketing mindset in the digital world and how businesses can leverage it to reach their goals.

Understanding the Traditional Marketing Mindset A traditional marketing mindset is characterized by a focus on building relationships with customers. It is based on the principles of empathy, integrity, and authenticity. This mindset is centered on the idea that businesses should understand their customers and provide them with products and...

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Case Study: Edible Arrangements

Wise Digital Marketing
Case Study: Edible Arrangements


  • Edible Arrangements franchise owners are part of the coop that helps pool dollars for their marketing. The Tampa market had little experience in creating a detailed digital advertising plan for their stores that focused on driving traffic locally into their stores.
  • Store traffic was very important to the franchise owners as they continue to expand their product line to fit with the new world post-pandemic.


  • We created a detailed holistic marketing plan for the Tampa market and digital advertising represented 65% of the plan dollars. 
  • We focused on Facebook digital marketing using “click to call” objectives to get folks to call their local store.
  • We created consistency in their social media content for their FB page that focused on showing the product and key promotions throughout the year.


  • 15% Increase in sales YoY;  the only market in Florida that saw growth in 2021
  • “Click to Call” was...
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