Case Study: Edible Arrangements

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Case Study: Edible Arrangements


  • Edible Arrangements franchise owners are part of the coop that helps pool dollars for their marketing. The Tampa market had little experience in creating a detailed digital advertising plan for their stores that focused on driving traffic locally into their stores.
  • Store traffic was very important to the franchise owners as they continue to expand their product line to fit with the new world post-pandemic.


  • We created a detailed holistic marketing plan for the Tampa market and digital advertising represented 65% of the plan dollars. 
  • We focused on Facebook digital marketing using “click to call” objectives to get folks to call their local store.
  • We created consistency in their social media content for their FB page that focused on showing the product and key promotions throughout the year.


  • 15% Increase in sales YoY;  the only market in Florida that saw growth in 2021
  • “Click to Call” was turned off due to too many calls to stores that were short-staffed to place orders
  • Over 3% increase in audience size
  • Over 1000% increase in engagement
  • Over 2000 pieces of content published in the market in 2021


  • Activity and improving actions are directly aligned with growth
  • Reviewing what the data was telling us with calls being unanswered shed light on the resource issue
  • Sometimes the best strategy is to keep it simple and consistent with brand elements

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