2023 Favorite Things: Favorite Business Software is AI Software: AIPRM

favorite things May 12, 2023

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Hey there. Hey everyone. Hi. I am back here live. It's been a minute. It's been a long time since I've done a live, let me tell you why. Well, it's been busy. I hope everybody had a good 2022. I typically do my lives, I've done 'em on on Instagram, and I'm trying to do more on YouTube. Hi, I use, um, I'm learning.

I'm also learning too, how to do this on, on YouTube. The real reason why I wanted to get back on doing my lives and doing them on YouTube is because as an agency owner, I. A lot of the things that I do as an agency owner is definitely education and I'm, you know, I'm teaching my clients about marketing and education tools typically do really well on YouTube.

If everybody knows YouTube University is a great place to learn and it's a great place to learn a lot of things about marketing and understanding what you should do with your marketing for your...

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