Marketing Therapy for Stressed Marketers

  • Get your marketing questions answered
  • Learn key frameworks to make your job easier
  • Learn to be a successful marketer

Step 1

Sign up for a session and pick a date and time via my calendar schedule link. 

Step 2

We will meet online via zoom, which I will record and you can have as notes. 

Step 3

I will create a safe space to ask any questions about marketing to achieve better results.  Totally confidential!

Apply to be a part of the community!

Our Community is a "safe space" for marketing professionals to be inspired, get cool ideas from other marketing folks. We handpick this community because we want it to be safe and open. 

Over 30 years of marketing experience at well know brands and businesses

Learn from Melissa on how to get more done and be an effective, results, and data-driven marketing professional.

What others say about Melissa...

Nicole Walters

"Melissa Davis is a seasoned, capable, and brilliant marketer. With years of industry experience- and dedicated customer service, she provides great innovation- and results"

Robin Kinnie

"When I wanted to launch my online course; Melissa was the first name that came to mind to help! Her extensive experience in marketing, patient demeanor, and can-do attitude make it easy for anyone to achieve their marketing goals. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out everything yourself. With Melissa and Wise Digital Marketing, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!"