Marketing  Planning

Create detailed marketing plans for products and/or services; including deliverables on what to do for a successful campaign.

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Content Marketing

Create, publish and manage social media content and/or email marketing. Develop messaging calendars.

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Digital Advertising

Develop and manage paid campaigns for display, social media, Youtube, email marketing.

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Marketing Advisory

It's therapy for marketers. Questions answered, and an assessment of marketing efforts.

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What is your biggest marketing challenge?

  • Feeling overwhelmed? 
  • Hate marketing?
  • Know you have to but don't know how?
  • Need to be told what to do and what order?
  • Your boss is driving you insane

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"Her extensive experience in marketing, patient demeanor, and can-do attitude make it easy for anyone to achieve their marketing goals."

-Robin Kinnie

"...a seasoned, capable, and brilliant marketer. With years of industry experience- and dedicated customer service, she provides great innovation- and results"

-Nicole Walters

"I don't know where'd we be without her. We learned so much from her" 

-Ashlee Tempus