Create your own strategic marketing plan and execute it to reach more customers online for your small business. 


Identify your customer's journey & how to message

Learn to create messages for the right platforms and communicate your product/service effectively.

Create an actionable roadmap for your business

A custom action plan for the next 90 days & 6-12 months of tactics for your business.

Learn from your competitors and dominate them.

Learn to advertise online and use key differentiation points to gain sales in your market.


What others say about Melissa...

Nicole Walters

"Melissa Davis is a seasoned, capable, and brilliant marketer. With years of industry experience- and dedicated customer service, she provides great innovation- and results"

Robin Kinnie

"When I wanted to launch my online course; Melissa was the first name that came to mind to help! Her extensive experience in marketing, patient demeanor, and can-do attitude make it easy for anyone to achieve their marketing goals. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out everything yourself. With Melissa and Wise Digital Marketing, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!"
* I'm providing a 14-day money-back guarantee at the start of the program.