Create your own strategic marketing plan and execute it to reach more customers for your small business. 


Identify your customer's journey & how to message

Learn to create messages for the right platforms and communicate your product/service effectively.

Create an actionable roadmap for your business

A custom action plan for the next 90 days & 6-12 months of tactics for your business.

Learn from your competitors and dominate them.

Learn to advertise online and use key differentiation points to gain sales in your market.


What you need to know about the program

Our signature marketing blueprint program is the fastest way to create a marketing plan to launch your business, service, or product that you are offering to your customers. There are six sessions and will cover everything from strategy to ad creation through this step-by-step training for you and/or your marketing team.

Session #1 Understanding your marketing goals and key content for messaging. 

During this first session, we will cover the most important thing about creating the marketing plan which includes your overall marketing goals, what is your initial message via an elevator pitch, and what are the specific products and services that you are marketing. What are your best sellers what are the products that you want to grow your business? 

Session #2   1:1 1-hour session with Melissa to confirm your target audience and customer, key messaging point 

During this session, you will meet one-on-one where we will discuss who your customer target is and your audience this is very important for marketing so we would need to make sure that we have identified who is your customer, who is your target and that will lead us into creating the best audience segments for you when doing digital marketing. 

Session #3 Determining the key marketing tactics that make up the plan, what to do first. 

During this session, we will use various case studies now in determining what are ideal strategies and tactics you should be doing in your marketing plan. We will walk through the marketing funnel, customer journey and look at examples of tactics that you could use in your marketing plan.

Session #4  1:1 1-hour session with Melissa on confirming plan tactics and starting point.

During this session, you will meet one-on-one with Melissa to discuss your specific tactics and the priority of what to execute first in the plan. We will discuss the specific tactics and how you should be executing those in your plan. We will catch up on any earlier assignments that need to be completed and provide feedback.

Session #5  Facebook Ad Creation and Walkthru

During this session, we will walk through creating an online ad.   We will fill out the campaign worksheet and the ads review template and go to the Facebook ads manager and walk through creating an ad.

Session #6 1:1 1-hour session with Melissa to confirm final marketing plan, campaign creation, and execution next steps

During this section, we will have the last one-on-one meeting to discuss executing this plan, budget needed, creative free things to do to launch your new product/service/business.   We will organize all the final plan deliverables into working files for you to execute with your team or with your marketing support.

BONUS! A working session with Melissa on implementing the first key tasks in your marketing plan. This is for all students who opt-in to pay in full. You will receive a link to schedule your special bonus 1-hour session with Melissa, example deliverables are, final ad copy, creative design edits, final FB ad manager creation, review of existing ads.

BONUS: 3-month access to the WDM Office Hours, 2-3 one-hour monthly sessions for you to get things done, fix any marketing issue, review report. Just think of it as sessions with a CMO. 

What others say about Melissa...

Nicole Walters

"Melissa Davis is a seasoned, capable, and brilliant marketer. With years of industry experience- and dedicated customer service, she provides great innovation- and results"

Robin Kinnie

"When I wanted to launch my online course; Melissa was the first name that came to mind to help! Her extensive experience in marketing, patient demeanor, and can-do attitude make it easy for anyone to achieve their marketing goals. As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out everything yourself. With Melissa and Wise Digital Marketing, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!"

We have a 2-installment plan as well

Pay using two $250 installments. The first installment due at sign up and the last installment is due 30 days later.  

Join using our 2 installment plan
* We are providing a 14-day money-back guarantee at the start of the program.